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Hello everyone,

This note is the fourth in our series of Notices for the Golden Retriever Club of America 2017 National Specialty "Call for Gunners".

We are now less than 4 months away from our National Specialty. I have been asked to serve as the Gun Captain and we would appreciate hearing from you if you are interested in gunning at one of our field events. Details may be found in our premiums on Entry Express and on the GRCA National Specialty website under Current Updates and Information. You can contact me on wkulig@msn.com Dates and tests are:

• 9/22-24; Hunt Tests in the vicinity of Greenwood, DE
• 9/24; WC/WCX tests in the vicinity of Vienna, MD
• 9/25-27; Field Trials in and around Rt 50 & Barber Rd, Trappe, MD
Event Headquarters will be located at Rick & Patti Roberts, Beaver Dam Road, Trappe, MD.

Hotel reservation information is located on the GRCA National Specialty website.

As a reminder, the AKC National Specialty Handbook, Section 17, requires that all gunners view their "AKC Gunner Safety Video" prior to participating in a National Specialty field event. If you don't view it you cannot gun! The link to the video is found at the end of this Notice. Once you view the video, please send a note to me acknowledging that fact. The date of your e-mail will constitute your electronic signature. I will then record your name and date on a master list which I will have available for viewing by any AKC field representative at our events if so requested. Please submit your viewing acknowledgement no later than July 9, and your preference for gunning dates, to wkulig@msn.com. The video website is:



Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.