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Hello everyone,

This note is the third in our series of Notices for the Golden Retriever Club of America 2017 National Specialty "Call for Gunners".

March Madness, Income Tax returns, blizzards, and snow shoveling are now upon us. Give yourself a break, have a snack, enjoy your favorite beverage, and watch the AKC safety video posted in Notice No. 2! We are very encouraged by the number of individuals who have already watched the video and whose acknowledgement constitutes their electronic signature. We even have one person in Alaska who has viewed the video, indicated that she intends to run a dog at the Master Hunter level, has gunned in prior hunt tests, and has offered to be a gunner at our National Specialty! We can't ask for much more than that!

The Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club is hosting training and formal events between April and June. This is a great opportunity to refine your, and your dogs', abilities in the field as well as participate as a gunner.
These events and their dates and locations are:
• April 8, training day at Rovers Content, Cheltenham, MD.
• May 6, training day at Rovers Content, Cheltenham, MD. We will be using live pheasants in preparation for our upcoming WC/WCX tests. Ammunition to be provided by PVGRC.
• May 14, WC/WCX tests at Rovers Content, Cheltenham, MD. Live pheasants only. Ammunition to be provided by PVGRC.
• June 3/4, double Master, Senior and Junior Hunt Tests at Shady Grove Kennel, Remington, VA. Ammunition to be provided by PVGRC.
This is only a listing for the PVGRC. Checking the Entry Express website will provide you with a good listing of events being conducted in your respective geographical area during the next three months. Try and support other clubs in addition to your own when you are running your dog. I am sure that volunteers to help in the field will receive a warm welcome.

Now, go turn on that safety video!

Wayne Kulig


Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.