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Hello everyone,

This note is the second in our series of Notices for the GRCA 2017 NS "Call for Gunners".

Let me start by saying thank you to those who have already indicated their willingness to participate as gunners. Some of you will also be running dogs and this will be factored into your gunning assignments. More on this in later Notices.

The AKC National Specialty Handbook, Section 17, requires that all gunners view their "AKC Gunner Safety Video" prior to participating in a National Specialty field event. If you don't view it you cannot gun! The link to the video is found at the end of this Notice. Once you view the video, please send a note to me acknowledging that fact. The date of your e-mail will constitute your electronic signature. I will then record your name and date on a master list which I will have available for viewing by any AKC field representative at our events if so requested. Please submit your viewing acknowledgement no later than June 1. Even if you are not sure you plan to gun, I would encourage everyone to view it as there is a lot of good field information there as well an excellent safety review. I would like to thank Eric Whitaker and Roy Geberth of the Rappahannock River Retriever Club for their assistance in providing the Safety Video link.

After the Super Bowl this coming Sunday and before March Madness for collegiate basketball, why not take a break from shoveling snow during our annual February snow storm month and watch the video? Get this requirement out of the way early and check it off of your "to do" list before you forget.

Wayne Kulig


You can purchase the video on their website for $14.95  at https://www.apps.akc.org/apps/store/?view=product&cde_category=VIDEOS&cde_product=VVTG17&_ga=1.57131491.832003489.1473355020

The AKC Gun Safety DVD offers general gun safety guidelines as well as specific gunning practices for situations that occur in Retriever, Spaniel and Pointing Breed field events.

Here is the video on YouTube...



Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.