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Please click on the appropriate link below to make your reservation for either the Civic Center or the Crown Center. For RV camping in the vicinity of field events, click on the information available at the rvparkreviews.com website.

Wicomico Civic Center (site of conformation, etc.):

Crown Sports Center (site of obedience, rally, agility);
(this one is a PDF that must be mailed in)

Vicinity of field events:

Martinak State Park, Denton, MD

Tuckahoe State Park, Queen Anne, MD

Madison Bay Campground and Marina, Madison, MD

Holiday Park Campground, Greensboro, MD


 Crown Center RV Information:


RV/Motor Home Frequently-Asked Questions (and Frequently-Questioned Answers)

General Information
RV reservations are available at two facilities: Wicomico County Civic Center, the site of Sweepstakes and Conformation, as well as the Crown Sports Center, the site of Obedience, Rally, and Agility. We plan on trying something new this year – on-line reservations!

Wicomico County Civic Center (Click for image) has approximately 95 available spots, most with 30A service. Water and pump-out (Honey wagon) will be provided by independent vendors during the week.  Reservations are taken by “zone,” where each zone is a region of RV parking that can handle around 15 RVs.

Crown Sports Center (click for image) can accommodate up to about 40 RVs. This facility is slated to be completely dry camping.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. When can I reserve a space and how much will it cost?
Civic Center: Reservations begin March 1, 2017. $310 for full electrical, and $200 for dry camping. Zone R is powered, specifically reserved spots (rather than by zone), which will cost $350. There will unfortunately be no partial-week rates.
Crown Center: Reservations for this facility are available March 1, 2017. The cost will be $30/night, or $100 for September 24, 2017 - September 28, 2017

2. Where will we send the reservations?
Each facility will take your reservations directly. This will allow the most direct-reservations and will ultimately allow us to provide the least expensive reservations to you! The Wicomico County Civic Center and the Crown Center each have their own reservation system. You can get instant feedback online or by phone. The reservation pages will be posted March 1 for both the Civic Center, for which you will be able to reserve your RV spots on-line, and the Crown Center, where you will be able to make reservations by phone or by mailing in your reservation form.

3. I noticed there are several designated RV areas at the Civic Center. What’s the difference?
You will make a reservation within a zone (there are multiple zones, each indicating a different region in the Civic Center parking lot), and these are indicated in the overhead image here. You will need to select your preferred area as part of your reservation. If your motor home or RV is over 35 feet long, please select Area A, which will accommodate a limited number of longer vehicles. The minimum size of the Civic Center space is 35 feet long, by 28 feet wide.

4. I want to park next to my friend. Can we reserve adjacent spaces?
Reservations are for a zone, but not a particular position within a zone. Specific spots in zones are assigned upon arrival. If you would like to park next to someone, the best strategy is to reserve spaces in the same area, and plan on arriving at the same time. Parking at the Civic Center will be directed by Civic Center staff (not by the National Committee) so the Civic Center folks will get you into the spaces. The exception is “Zone R” in which specific spots are reserved.

At the Crown Center, RV parking will be handled more typically – RV spots will be assigned closer to the National.

5. What dates are the facilities available?
Wicomico County Civic Center will be available beginning at 9:00AM Sunday, September 24th. Power will be shut off at noon, the following Sunday, October 1st (the day after best of breed)

The Crown Center will be available for the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club all-breed agility trials held on September 23rd and 24th. The dates for which you must make reservations for for the National will be September 24th - September 28th.

6. What services are available?
30A electrical hookups are available only at the Wicomico County Civic Center (conformation venue), provided from facility-supplied generators. Please bring up to 300 feet of extension cords to reach the generators – more details can be found on the zone map. There are no water or sewer hookups available. There will be water and pump-out (Honey wagon) services scheduled. More information will be published closer to start of the specialty.

There are NO electrical hookups available at the Crown Center (agility and obedience venue). You will need to provide your own generator. There will be water and pump-out (Honey wagon) services scheduled.

7. The honey wagon RV pumping company will be pumping on Tuesday and Thursday at the Civic Center. They will have a table next to the RV trailer office each morning (Tuesday and Thursday) from 8AM - Noon selling a flag that will be tied on to the RV that needs to be pumped. The truck will come that afternoon to pump. You MUST buy the flag from Leslie in the morning - you cannot pay the truck driver later in the day. The Crown Center will have water service available for $25 on Tuesday and Thursday, from 8AM-12PM for $25. Sewer service will be available from 11AM-12PM on Wednesday for $20 cash, $24 credit.

8. What about security?
The Civic Center will have 24-hour security and maintenance. Crown Center staff is still TBD.

9. I’m coming from Canada – will there be any issue in paying?
No! Payments must be in U.S. dollars, but the facilities accept credit cards and the banks will sort it out!

10. What about cancellations?
Cancellations will result in a full rebate if requested by noon, August 1st, 2017.

11. RV reservations at the Civic Center are confusing and not quite what I expected -- what gives?
The website set up to take reservations was based on their concert seat system, so it uses terms like "tickets" for reservations, and "seats" for RV spots. We agree, it is a little confusing. However, it this should make it easier and faster to make your RV reservations. Additionally, there will be a $4 ticketing fee added onto your order like you might pay for TicketMaster or other ticketing service. This covers things like credit card processing fees. Finally, you will have to create an account to complete your order, this is a simple step and allows us to contact you after your order to assure your preferences are met, and will help us to schedule services such as the honey wagon.

The Crown Center will be available for the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club all-breed agility trials held on September 23rd and 24th. The dates for which you must make reservations for for the National will be September 24th - September 28th.


Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.