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Wicomico Civic Center (Conformation)

civic-center  civic-center-in

Below is an image of the usage areas at the Civic Center:



The Crown Center (Agility, Obedience, Rally)

csc.front .entrance  TGD 2387_sm

General information about the Crown Sports Center is available here: www.crownsportscenter.com.

Specific information about the facility and the 2017 GRCA National, including directions to the Crown Sports Center, is available here: 2017 GRCA National at Crown Sports Center.

Below is an updated view of usage areas at the Crown Center:


Crown Center Crating Information:

All dogs need to be removed from the Crown Center by 6 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Crown Center will be open by 6:30 am.

On Tuesday evening, because of the Welcome Dinner at the Crown Center, dogs will be able to remain in the Sport Court (solid floor, primary crating area) and Field 5 until 11:00 pm. On this night, for the safety and security of the dogs, the crating area will be secured and protected by security personnel. They will have means to identify the owners if anything would appear suspicious. Daily cleaning of the crating area will be localized and manual.

An area will be reserved for the 100 Parade of Titleholder dogs on Field 5 who will be shown at the Welcome Dinner.

All crates must have a protective mat under the crate Monday - Thursday in any of the crating areas.




Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.