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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Suzi Gatipon   gatsugoldens@bellsouth.net
Janet Shriver  janet_shriver@comcast.net

Notice: The 2017 Parade of Titleholders is now full. A waiting list of entries received after the parade filled is being maintained.

The Parade of Titleholders is open to all Golden Retrievers who have earned at a MINIMUM one or more of the following AKC titles (OR HIGHER):

This event will be held following the Welcome Dinner at the same venue.  Persons who purchase tickets for the Welcome Dinner are all invited and encouraged to watch the Parade of Titleholders. 

Exhibitors who wish to show their dogs in the Parade of Titleholders need to have entered their dogs. This is separate from the purchasing of tickets for the Welcome Dinner. If you also wish to participate in the Welcome Dinner, you must have also purchased tickets for the Welcome Dinner, either using the RSVP Form or by ordering online at the Webstore.

Timeline for Welcome Dinner and Parade of Titleholders:

Check in begins at 5:45
Cash bar opens at 5:45
Buffet service begins at 6:15
Buffet ends at 7:45
Dogs line up for Parade of Titleholders at 7:30

Parade of Titleholders begins at 7:45

Important crating information for Parade of Titleholders entrants!

Any one that is entered in the Parade of title holders can leave their dogs in the crating area where they are already set up. Dogs that are in the parade but not entered at any Crown events can crate in a reserved area on Field 5 starting at 5 PM. Dogs will be able to remain in the Sport Court (solid floor, primary crating area) and Field 5 until 11:00 pm. On this night, for the safety and security of the dogs, the crating area will be secured and protected by security personnel. They will have means to identify the owners if anything would appear suspicious.

An area will be reserved for the 100 Parade of Titleholder dogs on Field 5 who will be shown at the Welcome Dinner. However, NO BITCHES IN SEASON WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE CRATING AREA, AS THIS AREA WILL BE USED THE NEXT DAY FOR OBEDIENCE AND RALLY.

All crates must have a protective mat under the crate.










Information will be posted on our Volunteers page.